Dooars: All Info, Suggested Tour Itineraries and Best Places to Stay

Dooars: All Info, Suggested Tour Itineraries and Best Places to Stay

Dooars as A Tourism Destination

The Dooars is situated at the foothills of the Eastern Himalaya mountain range. It is a magnificent region full of green hills and valley, jungle, rivers and tea plantations. The origin of the name comes from the Bengali word “Duar” which means door or gateway.

This vast region acts as a doorway to major Himalayan Wildlife habitats. It also functions as the gateway to the hills in India and Bhutan. It is the home of many exotic species and rich in the exquisite natural beauty. Major rivers like Teesta, Jaldhaka, Murti, Torsa etc. flow through this nitrate-rich valley.

The three “T”- Tourism, Tea and Timber plays the role of most important economic factors in this area. The winter is chilly and the summer weather is pleasing. When the weather is clear, blue sky and green jungle welcome you to this piece of paradise in North Bengal.


Different Parts and Places of Dooars:

Dooars is a region full of diversity. With its huge area, the landscape, weather and beauty changes frequently from one place to the other. Tourists flock to this region to enjoy the beauty of the hills, rivers and forests. Winter temperature falls rapidly here, and the summer is soothing.

The rain is abundant; the trees grow to their full potential and length, forming a canopy. The good condition of the roads makes it one of the best monsoon destination in the state too. The ecstatic beauty of the eye-soothing verdure forest and the sweet song of the birds will provide you with the inner peace and calmness you seek after a tiring urban life.

Dooars tourism highlights and takes pride in the majestic mountains, various flora and fauna, tea gardens, perennial and lively springs, sandy river shores and the wide patches of grassland. There are several colonial-era heritage buildings in this area, especially near the tea-gardens.

Located in the prime spots, they provide an enchanting view over the surrounding area of gardens, hills and river bed. If you are driven by wanderlust, Dooars is a must-visit place for you.

After a day of visiting the major sightseeing points, relax under the starry sky in front of a bonfire, or watch the sunrise from the balcony of your room with a cup of tea in your hand- Dooars offers you numerous choices.

You can go to the tourist-favourite places, or explore the less-crowded options, which are unspoilt and nature is in their full glory.


Dooars Map

Dooars Wildlife

If your passion is to explore wildlife and take the pictures in their natural habitat, Dooars forests are the perfect place for you. There are many places of interest in Dooars to visit for enjoying the wild beauty. The major forest areas in this region are Jaldapara and Gorumara National Park, and Buxa tiger reserve.

These places are rich in wildlife.

You can easily find the mighty rhino and elephants in here when you take part in the salaries. The jeep safaris are faster, and the elephant safari can take you close to the wild animals. The other common animal and birds include deer, python, turtle, peacocks, Drongo, Indian pied hornbill, etc.

There are several watch-towers placed inside the forest core area. You can watch wildlife without disturbing them from there. You would need prior permission from the forest department for this experience though. Coupled with the salt pits, these places offer a great chance to see the herds of the majestic animals.

If you prefer seclusion and beauty, tourism in Jayanti forest and hill area will be the perfect choice for you. Part of Buxa tiger reserve, the place with the view of Bhutan hills and the beautiful stream, is famous as the “Queen of the Dooars.”

Sight-seeing options in Dooars:

There are many beautiful places to visit in Dooars, and it would take over a month if you plan to hit all the tourist spots of Dooars in a stretch. We are listing the major places for sightseeing in Dooars below and attaching a map for a better idea of the place:

Lataguri and Gorumara

It is one of the major and most crowded tourist-spot. Lataguri is the gateway into Gorumara National park, famous for the rhino and elephant population. Another entry point in the national park is Murti, which is less crowded but rich in natural beauty.


Gorumara National Park, Lataguri

Jaldapara and Madarihat

Jaldapara is another national park in this area with a vast grassland and riverside forests. Besides the Rhino and Elephant, it is famous for several threatened faunal species. You can find birds like Bengal Florican, Crested Eagle, Fishing Eagle, Pied hornbill etc. in here. Madarihat is a small town and the entry point to this national park.


Elephant Safari at Jaldapara National Park

You can also visit the nearby Chilapata forest. Here, the major attraction includes the ruin of an ancient castle, famous as “NalrajaGarh”. If you are lucky, you will see Indian Bisons and leopards in this region.


Samsing is a small hilly village on the way to Suntale Khola. Both these places are ideal for nature lovers, with a slow uphill ride, and picturesque tea gardens on both sides of the way.


Samsing Tea Garden Dooars

Buxa Tiger Reserve and National Park

This place is at the north-east corner of West Bengal, at the Indo-Bhutan Border. Buxa was declared a tiger reserve in 1983, and national park in 1992. It has the second highest tiger population in West Bengal after Sundarbans. The place is also famous for the endangered flora and fauna, and the medicinal plants.


Buxa Tiger Reserve


On the bank of river Shisamara, it is a tranquil place in the Jaldapara National park area. It is perfect for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. The place is away from the noise and pollution of city life, and it offers a chance to see rhinos from close proximity too.


Sisamara River, Right beside Jaldapara National Park


It is an extension of Gorumara National park, separated by Murti River. It is one of the oldest reserve areas in this region due to the floral and faunal diversity. You can go for Jeep Safari here, that takes you to the watchtower


Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary Entrance


It is one of the major destinations in the Dooars area. Here, river Jayanti creates a border between Bhutan hills and West Bengal. There are several amazing trekking trails with a quaint view. It is crowned as the “Queen of Dooars for its beautiful hill and river view.


Jayanti River in Monsoon


This is a new and upcoming destination in Dooars area. On the west side of the Teesta River, the place and the dam was already a destination for the migratory birds. The barrage and the surrounding area is home to many birds and animals. In the near future, the area is expected to become one of the high-end tourist destinations of North Bengal, with the development of infrastructure.


Teesta Barrage, Gajoldoba


Dooars Weather and Temperature

Weather and temperature across the year in Dooars:

The weather in Dooars is pleasant throughout the year. In summer the temperature does not go above 26°C, which is relatively less than the surrounding areas. In winter, it goes down to 2-3°C but does not touch the freezing point in general.

As the place is at the mountain foothills, it experiences longer monsoon though.  For these favourable weather condition, the forest canopy grows very fast and the hills often stay green.

In the table below, we can get a basic idea of the temperature throughout the year


Dooars Weather and Temperature Chart


From the month of October to February, it is winter in the Dooars. The temperature goes down gradually and when the sun comes out- the weather becomes pleasant.


Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary Dooars in Foggy Winter Morning

With the progress of winter, the mercury may drop near the freezing point, but snow is very uncommon in this area. Generally, the temperature hovers around 5 – 20°C. This pleasant weather is the perfect time for local festivals like the Teesta Tea and Tourism Festival between November and December.


The season begins in June with sporadic rains, but July is the true beginning of the monsoon season in here. It lasts till September, sometimes early October.


Samsing Dooars in Monsoon

The average rainfall here varies between 35 – 50 cm. Between July and August, it rains cats and dogs in this region. The rivers run beyond capacity and the barrages often overload. This time of the year is the breeding season of the animals, so most of the sanctuaries remain closed between mid-June and mid-September.


The season begins in March and continues until early June. The temperature ranges from 20 to 35°C. The morning and evening are very pleasant, but the noon and early afternoon hours face scorching heat, especially near the sandy riverbeds.


Tea Garden in Dooars in Summer Morning

The grassland withers, the rise in the heat and humidity level become uncomfortable for the tourists. This season has a relatively better chance of wildlife sighting owing to a less amount of greenery.

Best Time to Visit Dooars

The best time to visit Dooars is in the winter seasons. This time the weather is pleasant and perfect for enjoying the jungle safaris. As monsoon just ends, the rain transforms the forest into a green paradise and the rivers run full to the brim. The weather remains pleasantly cool during the day and cold in the night. Therefore travellers consider winter to be the best time to explore the sanctuaries and enjoy the jungle safaris.


Dooars in Misty Winter

How to Reach Dooars

The monsoon is not the most favourite time for general tourists. However, for the romantic, off-beat travellers and the adrenaline-freaks, it is a great time to come and experience the rain-soaked forest life. The roads are in comparatively good condition which makes it a major monsoon travel destination in West Bengal.

Except for the peak season, summer is a good time to visit and enjoy the beauty too, if you are ready to brave the heat and humidity in the noon.


Railway through Dooars Region

Dooars is basically a vast spread of forest and greenery at the foothill of the mountain, with major points of interest like Gorumara and Jaldapara National Park, Buxa Tiger Reserve, Samsing, Jayanti etc. Kolkata, the city of joy, the queen of hills, is well connected to Dooars by road and railways.

The major routes are as follows:

Kolkata to Dooars Via Train

The biggest and well-connected rail station in this area is New Jalpaiguri Jn. You can hire cars to reach almost all the major points from here. However, there are other rail stations for specific destinations i.e. New Mal Jn. (For Gorumara, Malbazar, Murti), Hasimara (Jaldapara) etc.


Kolkata to Dooars Train Table

Kolkata to Dooars through Road:

You can easily board a bus from Esplanade bus depot in Kolkata to reach Siliguri. From there you can book a car or share a taxi to reach Dooars.

There is a bus service between NJP station and Coochbehar that goes through various locations in Dooars.

The bus leaves NJP at 8:30 am, takes Sevoke road to go through Mongpong forest area reaching Malbazar at 10:30 am, Gorumara Jungle Camp near Murti area at 11:15 am, Lataguri at 11:40 am, Jaldapara at 2:20 pm, Hasimara at 3.05pm and Rajabhatkhawa (near Buxa) at 4 pm.


On the way to Gorumara National Park Dooars

If you want to drive from Kolkata in your own car and want to enjoy the amazing road journey, you may go by three major routes, by NH-12 or NH-19.

The 1st Route has less traffic as it runs through the Gajaldoba forest area and it is quite scenic. You can get a glimpse of wildlife in the early morning and late afternoon. The second road is through Sevoke road, and it meets the 1st route near Odlabari, passing through Malbazar and Chalsa after that.

The 3rd route passes through Jalpaiguri to Gorumara National Park at Lataguri, then goes north to Murti. This road is not quite popular but there are some bus services on this route.

Kolkata to Dooars through Air:

There is no airport in proper Dooars. The nearest airport is in Bagdogra (Airport code: IXB). From there it takes around 3 hours to reach Jaldapara (134 km) and 2 hours to reach Gorumara (75km), by prepaid reserve taxi.

There are a number of flights in this airport, with the average fare ranges between INR 2,665 to INR 3,515 per person.

A direct flight takes around 1 hour 25 minutes to reach. For an approximate idea of the fare and timing, the important flight details are given below, after 3 months from the date of booking.


Kolkata to Dooars Flight Timings

Hotels in Dooars

Dooars is one of the most popular and diverse tourist destinations in West Bengal and North-East India. In all the major tourist spots, there are several staying options which vary as per the budget and choice of the traveller.

However, owing to the crowd rush in the tourist season, most of them stay full months in advance.

Some properties are well-placed near the jungle or tea-estate, with a good view over the nearby forest or tea estates. There are various other options in the nearby towns. These properties do not offer a good view, but they are inside the budget segment.

Often these hotels are in the regions near the ticket booking area for the jungle safari.

So, when you are selecting a Dooars hotel, you need to fix your goals and search for the perfect location that matches your criteria.

The Best Dooars Hotel and Resorts Options with Nomadic Weekends:

We have been operating and searching for the best properties in the Dooars region for a long time. For the past few years, we have carefully selected the resorts and hotels in Dooars, in all the budget segments.

All of our properties are in nice and calm locations with a good view, or in great locations from where the major attractions are nearby.

Our locations match the exact criteria of the travellers coming to Dooars, from all the sectors.

If you love the river, our luxurious resort near South Dhoopjora is perfect for you. With all the modern facilities, big rooms and a balcony with a great view of the surrounding area, this place is great for relaxing. If you aim for the jungle safari in Gorumara, you will like our Lataguri hotel.

River Retreat Dooars


It is well-connected to all the nearby regions and located near the ticket booking counter of the jeep safari area.

The luxurious ambience, swimming pool and room availability throughout the year make this one a good stay option. There is another property in Lataguri, a resort in the midst of deep forest and paddy field. The wooden rooms and the watchtower are major attractions here.

Our Jaldapara hotel is located in Madarihaat, at the outer rim of the national park. The wooden rooms, delicious food, well-maintained garden and swimming pool are the major plus points, also this is at a walking distance from the national park entry gate.

We have selected some options which are not too mainstream also. There is a cosy property located near the Murti River. You can take part in activities like fishing, visiting a tribal village, camping, trekking etc.

Appu Tea Estate, Near Gorumara

If you prefer a rustic environment, you will love the stay in the Appu Tea Estate. Here, you will find the beautiful Himalayan range with the Dooars forest background.

On the bank of the river Sisamara in the Jaldapara forest range, you can stay in the log hut in a tranquil environment. Here, you can see the animals coming to drink water in the early morning or late afternoon, from your room.

Sisamara Wild Hut, Dooars

Thus, when you are travelling with Nomadic, you will get a huge variety of options tailored to your preference. We choose the best place that will suit your plan and make the memory of the trip last for a lifetime.


Other Staying Options in Dooars

Retreat Lataguri

Reserve Gorumara

Hotel Dreamland Lataguri

Fagu Tea Estate

Jaldapara Forest Resort

Dooars Tour Plan: Suggested Itineraries 

The Different Ways to See Dooars:

Dooars is a diverse region, full of various natural attractions. The verdure forest, green hills and valley, snow-capped mountains and mighty rivers- all are the major components of the natural beauty in here. Depending on the goal of the visitor, the tour plans and itineraries change accordingly.

There are several routes to enter the Dooars. If you plan to visit the National parks like Gorumara, Jaldapara or Buxa Tiger reserve, you will need to take a specific route.

If you plan to visit the Teesta River and all the other river valleys, you will need a different kind of tour plan.

You can go by the major rail station New Jalpaiguri, or New Mal Jn. or Hasimara as per the major destination. Gajaldoba is a newly opened, protected forest area in Dooars.

It lies very close to New Jalpaiguri Junction. The Samsing hills are enchanting. The path to this location lies through majestic tea plantation areas.

If you plan on visiting the beautiful Bhutan hills bordered by Jayanti River, you will need to get down at Alipurduar. For those who are interested in history and archaeology, you can see the remains of a broken fort, the “Nal Raja Garh” in the Chilapata Forest. So, we can conclude that Dooars is a vast area, and we need different tour plans to cover the major spots in here.

A Suggestion of Itineraries to Visit Dooars:

Here, we are going to discuss a number of suggested itineraries for visiting the Dooars, depending on the major destination, which is as follows:

Dooars Tour Plan 1: Real Taste of Dooars

Covering Murti, Gorumara, Chapramari, Samsing, Sonthalikhola, Jhalong, Bindu

Day 1:

Reach Bagdogra by flight. Transfer from Bagdogra to Murti by Gajaldoba. Night stay at Murti (Gorumara National Park). Book the morning safari for the next day here. Go and see Rangamati Tea Garden which is 30 minutes from here, in the late afternoon.

Day 2:

Take the early morning safari in the Gorumara National Park. After lunch, start for Jhalong and Bindu, on Jaldhaka river. See the hydro-electric power project on the river, and return. Book the jeep safari in Chapramari the next morning. Rest for the night.

Day 3:

Enjoy the early morning jeep safari in Chapramari. Travel to Lataguri by car and book the safari to Rhino point and Jatraprasad watchtower. Enjoy the afternoon safari.

Day 4:

Start for Samsing and Suntalekhola after breakfast. Visit these two places and have lunch on the way. Come to New Mal Jn. to take a train to return home.

You can stay in these Hotels if you go along with this itinerary

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Click on the Image or Link below to explore More.

Murti Forest Resort

Best Place to stay in the banks of the beautiful Murti river in Dooars.

Jaldhaka Farm Stay – Rongo

Quaint hilly village staying like the locals.

Dooars Tour Plan 2: Dooars Wildlife Tour

Covering Jaldapara, Gorumara, Sisamara, Lataguri

Day 1:

Reach New Jalpaiguri, and take a car to reach Lataguri. Stay for the night and book the elephant safari at Gorumara National Park for the morning.

Day 2:

Enjoy the early morning elephant safari. Book and enjoy the jeep safari in the afternoon.

Day 3:

After breakfast, avail the jeep safari to Chapramari forest area and by afternoon reach Sisamara.

Day 4:

Take an early morning safari in the Jaldapara National Park. After breakfast, start for New Alipurduar or New Mal Junction. to take the train to return.

You can stay in these Hotels if you go along with this itinerary


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Click on the Image or Link below to explore More.

Wildlife Resort Dooars

One of the best place to base yourself to see Dooars wildlife.

Sisamara Wild Hut

Only watch tower lodging in Dooars. Frequent wildlife spotting happens from this watch tower hotel.

Dooars Tour Plan 3: Untrodden Dooars 

Covering Rasikbil, Jayanti, Buxa, Chilapata

Day 1

Arrive at New Jalpaiguri Jn. or Bagdogra airport or Alipurduar Jn. Take a car to get to Rajabhatkhawa/Jayanti and stay for the night. On the way, visit Rasikbill if you can manage time.

Day 2

Take the early morning safari in Buxa tiger reserve. After it, visit Pukhuri Hills by trekking. Visit the Bhutan border town, Phuentsholling, 30 km away from here.

Day 3

After breakfast, proceed to Chilapata Jungle Camp and stay for the night.

Day 4

After breakfast, set out to New Jalpaiguri Jn. / Bagdogra airport. On the way, visit Chilapata forest.

You can stay in these Hotels if you go along with this itinerary

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Jayanti Jungle View Home Stay

Without a doubt the best accommodation in Jayanti.

Chilapata Jungle Camp

A homely place to stay in Chilapata.


Chilapata Jungle Camp

All of the above-mentioned plans are basic suggestions for covering as much place as possible in a few days. We can customise the packages according to the need of the travellers i.e. if you need to relax, we can add days to the list, or change it as per your wish if the vacancy is available.

Dooars travelling is a magical experience, and travelling with us makes it completely hassle-free. So, what are you waiting for? Start packing, the beautiful Dooars is calling you.

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