Top 20 Places To Visit In Andaman Trip; Andaman Travel Guide

Top 20 Places To Visit In Andaman Trip; Andaman Travel Guide

If you are wondering about the best places to visit in Andaman for your upcoming Andaman tour, you are on the right page. Here we talk about the top 20 places that you should try to keep in ur plan. Even if you cannot cover everything, this will give you an all-inclusive list of places to visit from which you can pick and choose. So, let’s start.


Andaman as a Tourist Destination

Andaman, the island and union territory in the Bay of Bengal is a popular tourist destination. The tourists from and outside of the country flock to this place. When you visit in Andaman, the verdure landscape and pristine beaches bordered by an azure sea will enchant you.

The weather is welcoming throughout the year, and the local people are friendly. You can enjoy various outdoor activities under the sunny sky and enjoy the delicious seafood.

There are a number of tourist spots, scattered across the islands of Andaman. Some of them have a very important place in the history of the freedom movement in India while others can offer unparalleled and magnificent natural beauty.

Relax under the sun, create sandcastles on the beach or enjoy water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling. You can create the memory of a lifetime in a well-planned trip to the Andaman. Here is our list of the top 20 places to visit in Andaman to make your trip no less than perfect.


Top 20 Places to Visit in Andaman That Cannot be Missed

We list down the top 20 places to visit in Andaman from here on. The places are not in any particular order and obviously this is our list and you may differ in your opinion. None the less without wasting any more time, let’s go through them one by one.


Museum and Complexes to Visit in Andaman  

There are several historical and newly made museums and complexes scattered around Andaman that are worth a visit. We list down a few prominent ones here.


# 1 Cellular Jail National Memorial, Andaman:

The Andaman Cellular Jail is a former colonial prison and a part of the dark days of India under British rule. Today, it stands as a shrine to the brave patriots who have dedicated their life and soul to earn the independence of the country.

The political prisoners and dissidents who dared to speak against the crown were sent here. Physical and mental torture to break the spirit of the freedom fighters was the main goal.

The symbol and examples of the horrifying past are spread all around here. The museum and the photographs bear witness to the dark days. The notable dissidents like Batukeshwar Dutt, Veer Savarkar, Barindra Kumar Ghosh, Babarao Savarkar, Jatish Chandra Pal, Fazl-e-Haq Khairabadi were sent to Cellular Jail.


Cellular Jail


Enter the jail and see the instruments which were used for slave labor and torture, the chains and the gallows. Look into the small cells, where a prisoner could communicate with none. In the evening, go for the light and sound show.

The narrator is a peepul tree in the campus, voiced by Om puri. It tells the tale of the self-sacrifice and extreme love of the patriots who laid down their lives for the country.

The Cellular Jail is located at Atlanta Point, Port Blair. It is easily accessible from all the points in Port Blair by walking or a car. Do not miss this place, if you are interested in History and India’s freedom struggle inspires you, this is your go-to place among all places to visit in Andaman


# 2 Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex, Andaman

Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is a major and popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The place is located in a central position in Port Blair. It offers safe and adventurous water sports activities in the bay area.

The place also has historical importance, as this was the place where the battle of Aberdeen took place in 1859. The rides offered here include paddle boat, banana boat rides, parasailing, jet-skiing, speed boat rides, etc.




Take at least half a day when you plan to visit the place. Enjoy the rides for the day, and in the evening, see the reflected lines along the shore while drinking coffee in the cafe here.

The place is well known to all the drivers and locals in Port Blair. You may walk or take an auto here easily.


# 3 Samudrika Marine Museum:

The Samudrika Marine museum, under the Indian Navy, is an amazing place to learn about the natural history of the place. It also provides deep insight into the history, culture of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The marine museum provides comprehensive coverage of the aquatic life in the bay around the island chain.

The museum has five sections that cover the history of the islands, the geographical information, the people of Andaman, the archaeology and the top attraction -the marine life.


Samudrika Marine Museum


When you are entering, an enormous skeleton of a juvenile blue whale will welcome you. It was actually recovered from the Nicobar Island. The aquarium is the next attraction, where you can see rare deep-water marine fishes, sea-shells and varieties of coral. The place also has a souvenir shop with a good collection

The Samudrika Marine Museum is on the opposite side of the Andaman Teal House, Delanipur, Port Blair. As it is one of the most well-known landmarks, you can walk by the sea-shore road or take an auto to reach here.

# 4 Forest Museum, Andaman:

The forest museum is one of the places which can keep the young minds engaged and inform everyone about the rich biodiversity of Andaman. The flora and fauna, and the other things associated with forests are showcased here, along with photos in the natural habitat.


Forest Museum, Andaman


The place is under the forest department, Andaman and Nicobar Island. It has a huge collection of various artifacts and items made out of timber, oak, satinwood, etc. The place is located near the Chatham Saw Mill, so you can visit it on the way back. There is a small zoo in the compound too, which adds to the tourists’ interest.

The place is inside the Chatham Saw Mill complex. So, you can take an auto to the place easily. It stays open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day, except Sundays.


Islands to Visit Near Andaman 

There are a lot of islands scattered across Andaman. some of them have local inhabitants and some of them are completely empty and filled with nature. They are not too far away from Andaman and they should be given great importance when it comes to the best places to visit near Andaman. Here we go with the best ones.


# 5 Parrot Island, Andaman:

The southern part of Andaman houses an uninhabited island, which is picturesque and has its own ethereal beauty. As the name suggests, the place is an abode of thousands of parrots and parakeets. It is truly a birdwatcher’s paradise.

The island has its other charms too. The mangrove forest and the view of the sea on the way to here by a ferry looks picture-perfect. For the best experience, visit the place around sunset.

Parrot Island, Andaman


You can see thousands of parrots flying back to their nests in the red dusk sky. The water around the island has an infestation of salt-water crocodiles, so keep your hands inside the boat when you reach the island.

To reach Parrot Island, you need to take a boat from Baratang Island. From the jetty, it takes around 30 minutes to reach here. Some tour operators are now offering an all-inclusive tour by boat from Port Blair itself, which covers Parrot Island.


# 6 Ross Island, Andaman

The Island is a portal to the past days of Andaman. The British top brass used to live here, away from the Cellular jail, in relative safety. With the high level of comfort, scenic beauty, and beautiful architecture, they used to call this place fondly as the Paris of the East.

But the glory faded after two consequent incidents here. The earthquake of 1941 shook the grounds and it was followed by the Japanese invasion during WW-II. The place now lies in ruins, with remnants and pieces of the English architecture.

Visit the place in the late afternoon, after the fun in North Bay or Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports complex. Go into the Japanese bunkers and the ruins, the small church, and the museum.


Ross Island


You can take a battery-operated car to the top of the hills. See the sea with the surrounding haunting beauty, feed the deer and gaze at the peacocks from close proximity. In the evening, Ross island hosts a light and sound show too, which is lesser-known but majestic.

Without any traffic noise, the crashing sea waves on the beach and shrill cry of the peacocks from the dark jungles give the commentary an ethereal level. It tells the tale of people settling in Andaman, the freedom movements and of course, of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

The place is in south Andaman, and it is a ferry away from the Port Blair Jetty. The ride takes around 10-15 minutes if the water is calm.


# 7 Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and Jolly Buoy Island

Andaman is a biodiversity hotspot. Here, you will find many national parks spread across the islands.  Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is one of the most important and most visited of them. The total area of the national park is around 280 square kilometers.

It consists of 15 islands and the surrounding seabed. The diversity of vegetation is mind-boggling.  From tropical rain forest to creeks bordered by mangroves, the marine national park has it all. I

n the reefs is there are more than fifty species of coral. The coral reefs house a plethora of marine life. You can watch all of these closely by snorkeling or scuba diving. If you do not wish to get wet, opt for the glass-bottom boat ride to the underwater world.


Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and Jolly Buoy Island


The place is an eco-tourism spot and a plastic-free zone. When you get on the boat to the marine national park, you cannot carry any single-use plastic bottle, food in a plastic wrapper, etc. All of these restrictions result in a pristine beach and pollution-free weather.

The tour package to the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park takes you to Jolly Buoy Island. Here, you can get off the boat and take an add-on glass-bottom boat ride by paying a certain amount. Relax on the beaches which will surely remind you of the majestic beaches from The Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The only way to reach Jolly Buoy and the marine national park is by chartered cruise which starts from Wandoor beach. Reach the place by 9 a.m. and deposit all plastic items. Start early to enjoy the virgin beaches without a heavy crowd.


# 8 Barren Island Volcano, Andaman:

However, you might not be completely satisfied with the mud volcano, you are in for some luck. There is an active volcano is the Andaman- Barren Island. You can visit the place, but with proper safety measures and permission from the authorities.

The island lies at a distance of one hundred and thirty-five kilometers from Port Blair. Besides the chance to see the volcano, it is a gold-spot for scuba diving too.


Barren Island Volcano, Andaman


When you are planning to visit, you can avail of either a ferry or a seaplane. While the former is cheaper, it takes around five hours to reach here. The seaplane cost is steeper, but it takes less time and you can see the aerial view of the volcano.


# 9 Ross and Smith Island, Andaman:

Do not confuse this one with the Ross Island near Port Blair. This pristine twin island is at the extreme north, near Diglipur. Ross and Smith- these two islands are joined by a raised sandbar bridge, which goes under with high tide.

The virgin beach is a plastic-free zone and under strict supervision, so you will have to deposit all the plastic water bottles and take water carriers from the ticket counter.

The journey to the islands on a speedboat is an adventurous experience itself. If the water level is low, you will have to get down in knee-deep water and wade through it to the beach. The water is so clear you can see the white sand beach through it, and the marine life too, which passes by.


Ross and Smith Island, Andaman


The shades of blue of the sea will entice you in here. With the vast stretches of sea-beach without any visual barrier, coconut tree jungles, and other mangrove plantations, this is the perfect place to come and relax. Sit here in the benches or easy-chairs for hours and listen to the song of silence.

The only sound here is of the waves and birds, and the only refreshment is tea or coffee if a seller is present on that day. Walk to the twin-island by the sandbar and enjoy the outing.

The only way to reach the place is by a speedboat from Diglipur jetty. It is in the extreme north of Andaman, so you will have to reserve a car here.


Mesmerizing Beaches to Visit in Andaman

There is no dearth of great beaches in and around Andaman and if you just go a little further to Havelock Island you get Mauritius like blue water beaches and they are absolutely worth the visit. Here are a  few great beaches that you should visit in your Andaman Trip.


# 10 North Bay Beach, Andaman:

In the north of Port Blair, The North Bay beach is one of the best for sea walking in Asia. It also offers snorkeling options by the coral reefs. Here, the other activities include a speed boat cruise, scuba diving, trekking, etc.

Walk across the sea bed and visit the ‘Octopus’s Garden’ here, along with the colorful school of fishes, corals and other marine fauna from close proximity.

For sea walking, you don’t have to know how to swim even, as you can breathe safely inside a glass helmet. Capture the moments under the water in an action camera, which is included in the package.


North Bay Beach, Andaman


The location is secured with nets so that predators like sharks cannot attack. The depth is not too much here, hence the air pressure does not bother you too. There is one other notable spot i.e. the lighthouse of North Bay. Check the back of a 20 Rupee Indian note- you can match it with here as this was the model for the image.

As North Bay is a small island, you will have to reach by ferry from the jetty. It runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day. You can opt for a package covering all water sports.


# 11 Radhanagar Beach, Havelok 

One of the most famous beaches in the Andaman area, Radhanagar has its fame at an international level. Almost a decade ago, the place was crowned as ‘Asia’s Best Beach’ by TIME magazine.

When you visit the place, you can see that the title is really justified. The white sand beach bordered by turquoise blue water will mesmerize you.

Reach the place around late afternoon and stay till the evening to enjoy the greatest sunset view in the Indian subcontinent, arguably. October to February is the best time to visit the place when the temperature is bearable.

Radhanagar Beach , Andaman


Go for a swim across the white sand beach, or bask in the setting sun rays sitting on a beach chair while sipping a king coconut. The place is actually considered to be among the top seven of the best beaches in the world. Hence, do not miss the chance to take a ton of selfies against the beautiful backdrop.

The beach is in the Havelock Island of Andaman. To reach here, you need to take a ferry from Port Blair. After that, you can reserve a car to see the beach and the surrounding sightseeing. Don’t miss this place, if you someone asks us to put finger on one of the must-go places to visit in Andaman.


# 12 Chidiya Tapu, Andaman

‘Chidiya’ is the Hindi word of birds and ‘Tapu’ means a small hillock. As the name suggests, this is one of the best places for bird watching.

A number of species of birds, like Sea eagles, Parakeets, Serpent Eagle, Hawk-owl, Andaman woodpecker, Fairy-bluebird etc. prefer this place to nest. The tranquil hill is the perfect place for birdwatching in the lap of nature.

Chidiya Tapu , Andaman


Hike to the top in the early morning or late afternoon for the best sighting chances. The sunset view from here is amazing, so if you come in the late afternoon, stay for a bit for the magical experience.

The place is around 20 km away from Port Blair city center. You will have to take a car and then hike the rest of the way to the top.


# 13 Kala Pathar Beach:

One of the small, yet widely popular beaches in the Havelock Island of Andaman is the Kala Pathar Beach. The secluded beach is bordered by big black rocks by the blue sea, which gave rise to the name of the place. In a backdrop of a dense forest canopy, Kala Pathar beach is a tranquil place with a white sand beach.

The place often stays crowded, especially in high season. You may have to walk a bit south to enjoy the beauty of the place to the full.


Kala Pathar Beach


The beach has a number of coral growth in the adjacent area along with the black rocks. Hence, it is not a good place for swimming. Relax in the wooden chairs under the umbrellas here, and sip the coconut water and mango juice, sold by local sellers.

The place is on Havelock Island, so you have to board a government/private cruise to get here. From the jetty/your hotel, you can take an auto to come here.


# 14 Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Andaman:

One of the most prominent sightseeing points, Corbyn’s Cove is the only proper and beautiful beach in Port Blair. The beach welcomes you with blue water and green coconut tree borders. It is a great place to swim or sunbathe. There are also provisions of several water sports and activities, like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, etc.


Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Andaman


You can relax and take a walk on the beach, or try adventure sports like speed boating and Jet Ski. There are a few Japanese bunkers nearby. You can also hire a motorboat for a short trip to the snake island from here.

The place is just 7 Km from the main town of Port Blair, so you can easily take a car/auto to the place. If you are planning to chill out in an afternoon this is one of the most relaxing places to visit in Andaman.


# 15 Laxmanpur Beach 

A well-preserved beach in Neil Island, Laxmanpur beach is a gem. It offers a complete package with shades of blue water, forest, a unique landscape and an insight into the marine world.

When you reach the place, you have to walk carefully over the stony beach for a while. Near the edge of the water, you will find many small water pools.


Laxmanpur Beach


During low tide, the marine fauna gets stuck in here without any discomfort. You can walk up to them and see the beautiful corals, sea anemones, sea cucumbers, starfishes, octopus, etc.

The natural rock formation here created a natural bridge, which the locals refer fondly as the Howrah Bridge, after the hanging bridge in Kolkata.

You will have to take a ferry to Neil Island, and then take an auto/car to the beach.



Other Interesting Places to Visit in Andaman 

Here we list down a few other interesting places to visit in Andaman, which we could not put to any broad category as above.


# 16 Mount Harriet and Madhuban, Andaman

The third highest peak in the Andaman Island, there is a national park around Mount Harriet in Port Blair. The place offers a great view of the surroundings from the height. Abundant flora and fauna, a nice trekking route amidst nature is a major attraction here.

The sixteen-kilometer trekking route from Mount Harriet to Madhuban is a perfect place for birdwatching. You need to take proper preparation, hydrate and wear a comfortable pair of shoes with a good grip. Do take a guide so that you can get the lay of the land and see all the major points as well as wildlife on the way.


Mount Harriet and Madhuban


The place is near Port Blair, so you can take a car to the place. It is located in the Ferargunj Tehsil of Port Blair. You will have to go via bamboo transport, known as “Dunghi” locally. For another perspective, you can try the elephant safari to explore the forest of Mount Harriet too.


# 17 Limestone Caves, Andaman

A naturally occurring limestone cave is a marvel of nature. You can find one such place in Andaman in the Baratang region. The place is formed by constant erosion and sedimentation of water mixed with carbon-di-oxide.

Here, you can see both stalactite and stalagmite, i.e. the rock formation that hangs from the roof and that rises up from the floor, respectively.


Limestone Caves, Andaman


Here, you need to wear a good pair of shoes to prevent slipping. Walk inside the cave carefully, preferably with a guide. The inside is a bit dark, under a spotlight, the natural designs will enchant you.

The formations take the shape of famous people, monuments or mythological characters with the narration of the guides.

The place is on Baratang Island. To reach the place, you need to take a car from Port Blair to Baratang Jetty which takes around 3 hours. After that, you will have to book a speedboat to the island, and then walk the rest of the way.

This limestone cave will surprise you and this is truly one of the most astonishing places to visit in Andaman.


# 18 Mud Volcanoes in Andaman

One of the most unique natural wonders is the Mud Volcano in Diglipur. Actually, this is the only known mud-volcano in the south-east Asia region. When you think about a volcano, the first thing that comes to your mind is lava and fire. Here, it emits bubbles of mud and gases, continuously

Andaman has high seismic activity, and this place is a result of it. Here, you will find a constant drizzle of geo-excreted natural gas and other liquid.


Mud Volcanoes in Andaman


When you walk up to the stairs, you will find a field, at whose center lies this gooey volcano. The open mouths of this volcano spew out methane generally, but it also contains nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.

To reach the place, you have to take a car from Port Blair. When you are coming to Diglipur, you can see it on the way. This is surely one of the most interesting places to visit in Andaman.


# 19 Chatham Saw Mill in Andaman

Chatham Island and the Chatham Saw Mill is among one the original constructs from the British period that is still standing and active, to this day. It was established in the year 1883.

Back then the elephants used to pull the logs cut from the jungle into the wood processing unit. At present, it is Asia’s oldest and largest functioning sawmill.


Chatham Saw Mill in Andaman


You will have to cross a wooden bridge to get into the mill. Enter the premises after buying the ticket, and experience the manufacturing process inside the mill.

Here, you will see how the huge logs are converted into smaller, usable pieces of wood. Do stay aware of the machinery to avert any accident. Take a guide who can explain the history and manufacturing process so that you can enjoy the place more.

The place i.e. Chatham island is quite near Port Blair, around 10 km from the city center. You can avail of local transport easily to get in here within half an hour.


# 20 Mayabunder:

A lesser-known beach in the North Andamans, Mayabunder is a majestic place. It harbors beautiful beaches, small hillocks that provide a great view over the bay, gorgeous mangrove forests, coconut plantations, etc.

It takes around a day to cover all the points in Mayabunder. You may start with Karmatang beach, where you can see a turtle nesting, depending on the season. Interview Island has a population of wild elephants and birds.




Ray Hills and Austin X has a great view over beaches and virgin woods. Here, you can see herds of deer coming out without any fear.

To reach Mayabunder, you need to hire a car from Port Blair and drive for around 6 hours. You should start as early as possible to cross the jungle inhabited by Jarwa tribes on the way.


Final Thoughts

So, we are coming towards the flag end of this long post on places to visit near Andaman on your trip to this place. If you are in a tight schedule and just cannot squeeze out enough time to visit all the places described above, you can pick and choose according to your linkings and inclinations.

If you have any question please feel free to ask that in the comment section. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions.


Andaman Cellular Jail: Ultimate Travel Guide

Andaman Cellular Jail: Ultimate Travel Guide

One of the top tourist spots in the Andaman Islands is Cellular jail. The place is a burning memorial to the black days of British colonial imposition in India. Cellular or central jail was once synonymous to the Andaman and “Kalapani” or ‘the black waters’.


Cellular jail


In the present day, the jail is a pilgrimage dedicated to the Indian freedom fighters. If you are a nationalist and take deep pride in the sacrifice of the valiant sons of the soil, this is a must-see place for you.


History of Andaman Cellular Jail:


The history of the place dates back to the late nineteenth century, after the first war of Independence, i.e. the Sepoy Mutiny. The foreign rulers tried to crush the indomitable spirit of the brave freedom fighters by deporting them here across the sea, to cut them off from the mainland completely.

For the first time, two hundred mutineers were sent to the islands with jailer David Barry and Major James Pattison Walker. Seven hundred and thirty-three prisoners from Karachi faced the same fate in April 1868. The prisoners from India and Burma were sent at regular intervals.


Cellular Jail


The British rulers started the place to deport all the mutineers, members, and sympathizers of Mughal royal family in India, along with everybody who fought in the mutiny against the British crown.

Initially, there was a separate settlement for the prisoners and the Europeans. However, the number of prisoners here grew in a short time. The resident jailers and other Europeans wanted to transform the place into a horrible and more secure void.


Andaman Cellular Jail; Construction and Architecture 


The construction of the present structure of cellular jail began in 1896. The cells were built with deep red bricks brought from Burma. After a decade, the jail was completed in 1906.


Cellular Jail


The jail building had seven wings with one central tower and a conical roof on the top. The central watchtower was the place of the guards. As it was at the intersection of the seven wings like a wheel with spokes, the guards could keep constant vigilance over the prisoners.

There was a large bell in the tower to raise the alarm in case of any escape.

The Cellular jail was a place designed to destroy the body and soul of all those who dared to oppose British rule. Soon, the political prisoners from all over India were sent here too with charges of sedition. The seven wing building all had three stories initially.

It housed a total of 698 cells and no dormitory or common housing. Each cell was 4.5 x 2.7 meters or 15×8 feet with one ventilator. The wings were designed in such a way that one wing faced the back of the next one.


Cellular Jail


Life of Prisoners Inside the Jail 

As a result, there was no communication among the prisoners. It was solitary confinement for all the convicts. This is why the name “Cellular Jail” was used for this establishment, where everyone was in a cell, away from the world.

The only time they could get out was to do slave work under the scorching tropical sun.

The wall around the prison was kept low, to indicate that even if anybody dares to cross them. They will die either by a bullet, by the wild animals in the surrounding jungles, or simply by hunger and thirst. This psychological torture was done with the goal to destroy the spirit of the freedom fighters strategically.



In the time of the Second World War, Japan invaded the Andaman islands in 1942 by carpet bombing from the air and drove the British out. The bombing destroyed two wings of the jail.

The Cellular Jail then housed the British prisoners. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose visited the islands and Cellular jail in 1943 before hoisting the tricolor flag in Port Blair. At the end of World War II, the British resumed control of the island as well as the jail.


What to see In Andaman Cellular Jail?

A highly popular tourist destination is Cellular Jail. A prime example of the extreme hardships faced by the freedom fighters who put their lives on the line to bring the Independence of the country. You must visit the place to fill your heart with pride and patriotism.


The cellular jail is open from 09:00 AM to 12:30 PM, 01:30 PM to 04:45 PM on all days, except national holidays. The entry fee is ₹30/- and charges for a still camera is ₹200/- and for a video camera, it is ₹1000/-. You need to ensure the services of a government-authorized guide at the ticket counter. If you wish to learn the history of the place by the heart.

Enter the building by the ticket counter and follow the stairs to the museum in the photos and exhibition gallery. Documents and pictorial proofs of the black colonial days bear witness to the hardships of the brave freedom fighters.

Inside of Museum:

Here, you can see a miniature model of the whole cellular jail with the seven wings, out of which three remain standing to this day. The old photographs gallery and a huge library on freedom movement is a researcher’s paradise.

After the museum, come down the stairs into the green lawn, where the light and sound show takes place in the late afternoon early evening. Here you will find the Martyr’s memorial with models of the flogging stand, oil mill that was powered by the prisoners, various instruments of punishment and torture and last but not the least the gallows.


cellular jail


In the functioning days, the gallows were open to demoralize and destroy the spirit of the dissidents. Under the three nooses, there are three trapdoors which connect to a pit, leading to the sea.

Come out of this horror-hole and enter the main prison wing area. Pass by the small cells, which were barely habitable, yet housed the brave sons of the soil for years.

Follow the stairs up and down the compound. Then you will find the names of the freedom fighters, who have spent the bright days of their lives in the darkness of the pit in here.


cellular jail

Key Tourist Attractions of Cellular Jail

The prominent prisoner names who were sent here include Barindra Kumar Ghosh, Batukeshwar Dutt, Babarao Savarkar, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, Jatish Chandra Pal, Fazl-e-Haq Khairabadi and Yogendra Shukla, etc.

The jailers took a special interest in Veer Savarkar and tried their best to break his spirit. His cell overlooked the gallows. He had to watch his compatriots die one after another, every day.


cellular jail


If experiencing this monstrosity suffocates you, go up the tower in the wings by a steep set of stairs. It offers a view of the whole prison-yard along with the nearby sea-beach and part of Port-Blair.

After the wings, come down the stairs to the Veer Savarkar Park and find the statues of Political Prisoners who were deported here.

On the way out of Cellular jail, you will see an eternal flame of Freedom – ‘Swatantrya Jyot’. It is lit in memory of all freedom fighters, martyrs and patriots who have dedicated their lives for the country.


Do Not Miss The Light and sound show in Cellular Jail 

One of the most memorable and significant parts of the Cellular Jail tour is the light and sound show. It adds another dimension to the guided tour in the daytime and transports you back in the days when the jail was filled with deported dissidents.

The completely immersive show in the life of the captive patriots begin after sunset every day, but the entry is closed around 5 p.m. The ticket price is ₹50/- per person. Try to book the ticket in advance because of the high demand, and reach beforehand so that you can get a good seat at the front.

The seating arrangement is done on the open ground, where the two wings of the jail meet forming a triangle.


Cellular Jail


The orator of the chronicles in the Cellular jail is an old Peepal tree in the compound. Mr. Om Puri, a late Bollywood actor voiced and brought the story alive in the words of the tree.

The Peepal tree was there from the beginning and saw numerous freedom fighters arrive in prison, most of whom did not leave the place.

The lights on the two wings bring the story and the narration alive while keeping the spectators completely engaged with tears in their eyes. In the end, the three stories of the jail wing lit up with the three colors of the Indian national flag, filling our hearts with love and reverence for the nation.

The language of the light and sound show is generally in Hindi, while one is in English, so select your preference accordingly.


What to expect Inside the Jail as a Tourist?

Cellular Jail offers you a reckoning, an insight in the horrible past of India under colonialism and unwavering love of the freedom fighters for the nation. It will fill your soul with deep dread to see the conditions of the prisoners here.



The descriptions here tells the tale of hunger and torture. The prisoners were fed wormy bread, rice with dust and water with insects. Then they had to partake in soul and body destroying slave work. Going a single step out of the line was rewarded with harsh punishment.

More to see:

You can see the various torture instruments on the compound, like different types of chains to hold the prisoners. They were flogged brutally till the skin came off and they could not move. The gallows were used to torment mentally, showing death come for their friends anytime.

Still, even the fear of death could not stop them from loving the motherland. The Cellular Jail shows us that there were people who didn’t care for themselves and suffered until death. So that we can breathe in the air standing in a free country.


Cellular Jail


It is one of the darkest chapters of Indian history and it failed to snuff out the light out of the hearts of the freedom fighters. It is our duty to visit this place at least once in our lifetime and pay our respects to the brave heroes of the nation. Try and visit the place in the early morning or in the late afternoon to experience the place to the fullest.


Final Thoughts

With its great historical value and architectural wonder, the Kaalapaani or Andaman Cellular Jail remains a great attraction for the tourists who are visiting Andaman. This is obviously a must-visit if you are planning to visit Andaman. Also do not miss the awesome light and sound show in the evening. It brings history alive.

So, go there get soaked in the glory of Indian freedom struggle and let that sink in. You are going to end up with a great feeling of gratitude.

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