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5 Properties You Must Choose for Best Kanchenjunga View

Its a dream holiday to stay in the places where the view of Kanchenjunga is the best. Here we list 5 such places and properties which is absolutely a must visit for travelers who fascinates staying somewhere from where they get a sublime view of Kanchenjunga. There is no doubt the these places are one of best to select if you are looking for holiday with Kanchanjangha being a backdrop of all your memories.

Best places for Kanchenjunga View:

There is no doubt the third highest mountain of the World, Kanchenjunga is the subject of many myths, adventure stories, and religious fervor. Laying in the Nepal and India (Sikkim) border, with her snow-covered peaks that glisten in the rays of the rising sun, the majestic mountain attracts a huge crowd of tourists every year to places like North Bengal and Sikkim, to catch a glimpse of the beauty.

The five treasures of the high snow” as the local name refers to this mountain, is not explored much by trekkers, but the religious sentiment for this place in the Lepcha people and the Tibetan Buddhist cultural tradition, along with the presence in literature and movies is the reason people come running to places surrounding the mountain to feast their eyes and souls. Here goes a list of a few places from where the quest can be fulfilled with satisfaction:

Charkhol, 180 degrees Kanchenjunga View

A small village Charkhol in Darjeeling district, Charkhol, a small village at the height of 5000 feet is a perfectly isolated romantic destination in North Bengal. Charkhol Kanchen Resort, located at the top of a hillock, offers a 180-degree unobstructed view towards the Kanchenjunga and other mountain peaks.

With good food, warm hospitality, and great natural ambiance, it is a perfect place to take a break from the busy world and gaze into the glorious mountain itself.

Delo, The mystic Kanchanjangha View


By the famous Delo Park, Yuru Retreat Delo pampers you with modern amenities, tasty meals, and a great view of Kanchenjunga through the big glass windows or sitting in the balcony. If you are a thrill seeker in the heart, you may partake horse riding or indulge yourself in a Paragliding experience from Delo itself, which is an experience of the lifetime with the amazing view of the valley from the sky.

Darjeeling, Kanchenjunga and The great Darjeeling Weather

A classic and well-loved hill destination and popular in a number of movies and books, Darjeeling, “The queen of the hills” attract tourists from all over the world every year. Darjeeling Retreat, a 3-star property located in a strategic location boasts of the Kanchenjunga view from every room in it. Tourists may relax with a cup of tea in their hand, go for a walk in the nearby Mall, and take a trip to the nearby Tiger Hill in the early morning to watch a magnificent sunrise, or ride in the UNESCO world heritage site, the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.

HEE Sikkim The unknown Wonder


In a secluded location in West Sikkim, Hee mountain resort enchants the travelers with its location, birdsong from the surrounding forests, hanging bridges and the sight of Mighty Kanchenjunga from very close proximity. The nearby trails towards Phagudara and Martam village and the trekking options towards Varsey can offer a memory of the life in this place.

Temi Sikkim the Only Tea Estate in Sikkim


In the heart of Sikkim, Temi Tea resort is situated in a gem of a location which offers an epic snow-capped Kanchenjunga view along with a golden sunrise over the pride of the region, lush green tea garden which spreads and touches the horizon. Taken out of a picture postcard, Teesta River welcomes the visitors in the path. The picturesque property with large rooms along with all modern facilities is a great place to hang back with a cup of hot tea in hand and soak in nature in all her majestic beauty.


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