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Lava Lolegaon: The Ethereal Beauty of North Bengal

Lava Lolegaon as a destination fast becoming a preferred choice of the North Bengal bound tourists. Located at an altitude of 2350 metres, Lava is a quaint little hamlet which is located in the Kalimpong district of West Bengal. This sleepy and calm village falls on the trade route of Bhutan and is adorned with pine forests and coniferous trees.

Lava Lolegaon is a piece of heaven surrounded by the cold misty clouds of the mountains. The exotic and rustic Lepcha village folded in the mountains of the Himalayas will leave you smitten by its beauty and charm.


Lolegaon is another quaint village which is only 24kms away from Lava. Located at an altitude of 1675 metres, this Lepcha village is known for its scenic beauty. The glorious view of the majestic Kanchenjunga through the misty clouds makes it the perfect place for relaxing and planning your next vacation.

And if you are one of the few lucky ones and the weather permits, then you can even view the snow-clad peak of the Mt. Everest.

Lava Lolegaon Weather Temperature and Best Time to Visit

Lava and Lolegaon, both these villages share a similar kind of climatic conditions. Since both these villages are located at a higher altitude, they experience cool and pleasant temperatures all-round the year. However, the evenings can be chilly and quite cold.

The distinct seasons they experience are summers, monsoons and winter. Though they experience a brief period of the autumn season, it mostly flows into winter and hence this season is not specifically distinct.

The daytime temperatures in Lava and Lolegaon do not show massive variations. It is pleasant during the summer season, cold in winter and experience heavy amount of rainfall during the monsoons.

Lava Lolegaon in Summers

The summers in Lava and Lolegaon last from March to June- the maximum temperature being 25 degrees Celsius and minimum almost ranging from 12-15 degrees Celsius. The sky is crisp and clear during these months and hence this the best time to view the snow-clad peaks of the mighty Himalayan Range.

Tourist visits are the highest during this time of the year. The weather is mild and pleasant and vacationing here during these months will help you escape the scorching summers of the plains.


Lava Lolegaon During Summer

Lava Lolegaon in Monsoons

The months of July to August are the time for the monsoon season in this region of West Bengal. Both Lava and Lolegaon experience heavy rainfall during these months which increase the chances of landslides and poor road conditions. The average rainfall recorded here is 2030mm (80 inches).

The temperature during the monsoons varies from 22 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius with an immense amount of moisture in the air. Also, the misty clouds hovering around the mountains will not give you the beautiful view of the snow-clad peaks you are looking for.

Therefore, if you are planning your next trip to Lava and Lolegaon then visiting it during these months is not a very good idea.

Lava Lolegaon in Autumn and Winter

This is the best time to visit Lava and Lolegaon for travellers and adventurers who wish to soak in the abundance of nature. The usual months for this particular season last from September to February. The temperatures during this time can rise up to a maximum of 15 degrees Celsius and drop down to 7 degrees Celsius- sometimes even to sub-zero degrees.

Therefore, it is quite cold and chilly but the skies are clear for a mind-blowing view of the snow-covered peaks, especially the Kanchenjunga and even Mt. Everest.

Autumn is not a distinct season in this part of West Bengal. It usually heterogeneously mixes with the winter season. However, they do experience it for a short span of time which mark the falls.


Kanchenjunga as seen from Lava Lolegaon in winters

In conclusion, the best months to visit Lava and Lolegaon are from September to June depending on what you want to experience. The ethereal beauty of the mountains is highest during this time of the year. People who want to beat the hits of the plain prefer the summers.

Tourists who love to see nature at it truest from prefer autumn and winter season. Tourists generally tag in another small city in the region, Rishop during these best times to visit Lava, Lolegaon and Rishop.

Lava Lolegaon: Places to see | Sightseeing Options 

Lava: Places to see

If you are travelling by train, Lava is at a distance of about 105kms from New Jalpaiguri Station and takes around 3 hours by car via Kalimpong district. By air, Lava takes a travel time of about 4 hours from Bagdogra.

Neora Valley National Park

Lava is known as the gateway to the worldwide famous Neora Valley National Park. The main gate or the entrance to the National Park lays only 10kms from the heart of Lava. If you are a nature or a bird lover, then visit the National Park is a must. This park is popular for being home to an exotic variety of flora, fauna and avian-fauna. It is also the home to very rare species Red Pandas.

Kanchenjunga as seen from Lava Lolegaon in winters

Red Panda in Neora Valley National Park

Samthar Plateau

If you are looking to satiate your adventurous mind, then trekking to Samthar Plateau should be on top of your list. The trek starts here from a place called Gompa Dara which is situated very near to Lava. Apart from this particular one, you will find a number of trekking trails through the mighty mountains and dense coniferous forests.

Lava Monastery

The Lava Monastery, originally known as the Lava Jamgyong Kongtrul Monastery is situated near the local market. It is one of the oldest monasteries and is adorned with beautiful Tibetan architecture. Once you are inside the monastery, you can feel the serenity and the peace in your bones.

The Lava Monastery is also considered to be a great viewpoint to see the entire village settlement against the vivacious mountains.


Lava Monastery

Nature Interpretation Centre of Neora Valley National Park

The Nature Interpretation Centre of the Neora Valley National Park, located in Lava is just a sneak-peak to what you can expect to see inside the National Park. The centre is right at the end of a pathway surrounded by beautiful mountainous vegetation and plantations.

The centre remains open for visitors and tourists on all days, except Thursdays.

Changey Waterfalls

12 km from Lava is the famous Changey Waterfalls. Cut across the narrow boulder roads and reach the base of the waterfall. Take in the ethereal view of the water gushing down from the high mountains and disappearing into the lush green coniferous foliage.

The quiet surrounding with the rushing sound of the water will be no less than melody to your ears. It will calm your soul.


Changey Falls

Lolegaon: Places to See

Lolegaon, originally known as Kaffer, takes about 4 hours if you are driving down from New Jalpaiguri Station and is about 125kms- the easier route being via Gorubathan. If you are travelling from Lava, it takes only an hour to reach Lolegaon.


Way to Lolegaon through the Misty Pine Trees

Lolegaon Eco-Park

In the heart of the village is flat land which is opposite to the Eco-Park. Surrounding it are few local shops and food stalls where you can do some souvenir shopping or taste the local food of the village. This is a place to be for all nature-lovers.

Heritage Forest

The immense greenery will soothe your eyes and calm your soul. Walking below the canopy of Oak and Cypress trees will be refreshing and rejuvenating.


Heritage Forest Lolegaon

Ralli Valley

The Ralli Valley is a flat land of abundant flora and is the most scenic and beautiful part of Lolegaon.

Lolegaon Canopy Walk

The Canopy Walk is the most popular attraction of Lolegaon. It is a 180 metres long hanging bridge which takes you through the dense forest of the mountains. As you walk down the bridge, you will realize it elevates higher and soon you’ll see yourself walking through tree-tops amidst the dense forest.

The experience of walking through the hanging bridge, amidst the deep forest- the experience is nothing but heavenly.


Canopy Walk in Lolegaon

Jhandi Dara Viewpoint

This is a popular viewpoint in Lolegaon from where you can see a panoramic view of the Himalayan Range. On a clear day, you can see the snow-covered peaks of the Kanchenjunga and Mt. Everest from here.


Kanchenjunga as seen from Jhandi Dara View Point

Lava Lolegaon Suggested Tour Plans:

If you are planning to visit Lava and Lolegaon for a quick and short vacation, then we have a few tour plans perfectly chalked out for you. We help you with exclusive and detailed attention to how you want your tour to be. We in Nomadic specialize in the location and we can assure you the best tour plans according to your need and budget options.

More about us in the last section of this article.

Tour Plan 1: 3N4D Covering Kalimpong, Lava and Lolegaon 

Day 1: Kalimpong 

Travel to Kalimpong from Bagdogra or New Jalpaiguri Station. The travel time should take about 4 hours. Keep yourself free for personal activities. You can sightsee around Kalimpong or take rest in your chosen hotel. You can even visit the local market area and interact with the village inhabitants- just to feel the essence of rustic village life. Stay at Kalimpong for the night.

Day 2: Lava 

Leave for Lava after breakfast. From Kalimpong, it takes a couple of hours cutting through the winding mountainous road. A big car like Jeep will be preferable for travelling through these boulder roads. On arrival at Lava, you can visit the Lava Monastery, Changey Waterfalls and the Neora Valley National Park.

You can even take a safari through the National Park and have a great scope of bird and fauna watching. Stay overnight at Lava for a less hectic tour.

Day 3: Lolegaon

Leave for Lolegaon from Lava post breakfast. From Lava, it takes about an hour to reach Lolegaon. Enjoy the adventure through the Canopy Walk, the Heritage Forest and get a breath-taking view of the Kanchenjunga. Laze around for the rest of the day and stay that night in Lolegaon.

Day 4: Back

You can visit the sunrise point early in the morning and then leave from Lolegaon as per your train or flight schedules. Travelling back from Lolegaon takes about 3.5 hours.

Tour Plan 2: 4N5D Covering Lava, Lolegaon and Rishop 

Day 1: Lava 

Travel directly to Lava from Bagdogra or New Jalpaiguri Station which takes about 4 hours. Once you reach Lava, visit the Lava Monastery and the Changey Waterfalls. Rest of the day you can do local exploration and stay the night in Lava. You can visit the local markets and collect some souvenirs to take back with you.

Day 2: Lava Sightseeing 

Book a jungle safari and explore the Neora Valley, National Park. The jungle safari will be time-consuming, so you can



stay back the night at Lava and relax for the rest of the day.

Day 3: Lolegaon 

Leave for Lolegaon, which takes about an hour to reach. Enjoy the thrills of the Eco-Forest, the Canopy Walk and the view of the glistening Mt. Kanchenjunga. Stay back at Lolegaon for the night.

Day 5: Rishop 

Travel to Rishop from Lolegaon by car. It will take you around 2.5 hours. Rishop is famous for its great weather and Kanchenjangha View. Savour your stay in Rishiop in lazy strolls through the beautiful streets of Rishop.

Day 5: Back to NJP or Bagdogra 

After Breakfast in Rishop Hotel, drive back to Bagdogra or New Jalpaiguri to catch your flight or train back home. This downhill journey will take you around 3.5 hours.


Lava Lolegaon Hotels:

You will find a number of pocket-friendly as well as luxury stays in both Lava, Lolegaon. You can choose to stay in homestays as well in case you want a rustic and local feel of the village region. However, they provide you with all basic amenities since both Lava and Lolegaon have now become two popular tourist spots of North Bengal.

Most of these stays (whether homestays or hotels) are located in beautiful surroundings, close to nature. There are certain resorts which do provide well internet connectivity as well. However, access to internet connectivity in those higher altitudes can be an issue.

There are usually not many options for food in budget-friendly hotels. Chines and Indian cuisine is what you’ll get access to easily.  Nonetheless, some grandeur resorts do serve a variety of cuisines as per your choice.

You will also find hotels and stays in the central parts of these villages. In case you want to stay in the heart of these villages. Such stays usually have a wonderful view from the rooms which are on the backside of the establishment. In case, you are travelling in large groups, and wish to stay together, there are provisions for dormitories as well.

No matter wherever you choose to stay- near to the locality or away from it- there are a number of options available for you.

Nomadic Chosen Accommodations in Lava Lolegaon

If you want complete privacy, away from the conundrum, there are provisions of cottages for you too.

We at Nomadic Weekends provide you with customised itineraries and tour plans according to your needs and requirements.  We are travellers just like you and therefore our shortlists or tour plans are not too extravagant and hectic- just like you want it.


You can click on the links below to know the places in much greater details. 


Lolegaon Nature Resort

Probably the most luxury accommodation at a value price in Lolegaon. Great reviews.


Lolegaon Valley Retreat

Best Homestay in Lolegaon. Not to be missed.

Lava Tea Estate

Lavish tea estate stay in Lava, Once in a lifetime experience.


Tea Estate Lava

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