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If you are badly looking for a long weekend in addition to your week offs then it’s just a matter of time. You don’t need to wait much as 2020 is bringing a long list of such big holidays for you. As a brief count, there are almost 17 long weekends waiting for you in 2020.

You will get 4-5 days consecutive off this year. Sometimes it may increases to 6 days also. We know how much you love to spend your holidays on the beach or in the lap of lush green and snow-capped hills. Therefore be ready. If it’s a 4-5days holiday you may book your ticket for beach fun on the seashore. Seafood and adventures will refresh yourself.

If it’s 6 days off then add some more sick leave to it.  After that pack your bag for the mesmerizing hilly views and fresh oxygen in the lap of mountains. Momo and Maggie soups are waiting for you there, with a tasty cloud view in the midst of peaks.

Now let’s see what wonders are waiting for you in this amazing year from start to end.

Long Weekends in January 2020

1st January Wednesday: New year

2nd January Thursday: Guru Gobinda Singh’s Birthday

3rd January Friday: Manage leave

4th and 5th January: Weekend

So it’s a 5 day off and a great opportunity for you to have a scuba diving in Andaman. You can also choose Ooty to have a sip in hot coffee sitting in the coziness of chilled mountains. You can also have a jungle safari in a forest of Karnataka with a goal to meet Cheeta.

The Kutch of Gujrat will also welcome you with its awesome white sandy beach. The cool roughness of this beach will make you stressfree.


Long Weekends February 2020

The end of February will bring a smile to your face. There is a long weekend of 5 days from Friday to Tuesday.

21st February, Friday— Maha Shivratri

22nd and 23rd February week offs.

24th February, Monday— you can manage a leave easily.

Kashmir’s situation is almost ok now. You can have a breathtaking gondola ride in Gulmarg, Kashmir this time.

Also, the great news is from 22nd to 25th February, the Amazing Goa carnival will be held in Goa. If you are willing to attend it, you should start planning everything carefully from now on.

I guess you can also remember the Tibetan new year’s time. It’s from 24th to 26th February, this month. How amazing it would be if you plan for a trip to Ladakh, this holiday.

Think of it now.


Long Weekends March 2020

You can arrange a 4 day holiday in this month too.

Then set for al trip to Ranthambore tiger reserve forest or the rain dancing Shillong.


It’s time to celebrate the colors of Holi. Being the birthplace of God Shree Krishna, Mathura and Brindaban near Delhi, celebrate a great Holi at this time.

You can also join them to add some color in your life. WestBengal Shantiniketan is also very much famous for its Holi celebration, (named as “Rangotsab”) this time.

The use of organic color, the Santali dance with red Palash flower in the premises of Vishwa Bharati University, will blow your mind off with great joy. It was once started by Rabindranath himself.


If you are an explorer of Indian art and culture then Hampi is a great place for you to visit at this time. Bn ow let’s see the off day list this month.


7th-8th March, weekend

9th March, Monday — manage sick leave.

10th March, Tuesday — Holi.


Long Weekends in April 2020

There will be a very long holiday this month. If you can manage carefully it can elongate to 7 days or more. Not only within India, you can also think of abroad too.

Here are the consecutive off days this month.

2nd April, Thursday – Ram Nabami.

3rd April, Friday- manage a leave.

4-5th April- weekend.

6th April, Monday – arrange a leave.

7th April, Tuesday – Mahabur Jayanti.

8th and 9th if you can take leaves then the weekend is starting again.

10th April, Friday– Good Friday.

11th -12th April- weekend.

Darjeeling, Gangtok, Kalimpong, Kursheong should be a great destination for you this time. The Northeastern Himalayan hamlets and towns will welcome you with the snow-capped mesmeric views of Himalaya.


Maldweep or Thailand can also be your desired destination this time.


May 2020 Long Weekends

This month is offering around 4 off days on your holiday list. Let’s see how can it be planned.

7th May, Thursday – Buddha Purnima.

8th May, Friday- manage a leave.

9th-10th May — weekend.

The colorful flowery land of Ooty is the best destination for you this time. Kerala or Maharashtra may also attract you this time with their own outstanding beauties.



Nagaland may also be one of the great destinations for you this time.


August 2020 Long Weekends

It is really a big list of holidays, this month. If you calculate and plan accordingly you can have a consecutive off of long 12 days. This long vacation is starting from the1st week in this month.

1st-2nd August – weekend

3rd August, Monday – Rakhi Purnima.

From 12th August another vacation you can take.

12th August, Wednesday — Janmashtami.

13th and 14th if you can manage leaves from your workplace,

15th August, Saturday — Independence day.

16th August, Sunday.

17th August, Monday — Parsi new year.

31st August, Monday — Onam.

You can use this awesome list of holidays to make a trip to Missouri or Cherrapunji. Lahul or Pandicheri can also be a good travel destination for you at this time.


Won’t it be a nice idea to have a forest safari in the rainforest of Vietnam?


Long Weekends in October and November 2020

These 2 months are offering a long list of holidays for your rejuvenation. This list containing Gandhi’s birthday, Durga puja or Navratri holidays, eid, Diwali, etc.

Let’s see the bucket in detail.

2nd October, Friday — Gandhi’s birthday

3rd-4th October– weekend.

22nd – 26th October — Durga puja.

29th October, Thursday — Eid – e – Milad

30th October, Friday — you can manage a leave this day.

31st October — weekend

The 1st of November is on Sunday.

If you miss this part of the holidays this month, don’t worry, there are more opportunities for you.

13th November, Friday –Dhanters

14th-15th November — weekend

16th November, Monday– Vaiduj

Another part of the holiday are as follows:

28th-29th November — weekend.

30th November, Monday — Guru Nanak’s birthday

You can plan your desired trip this time to Hrishikesh or Mysore. The golden temple of Amritsar will also welcome you gracefully. Jaisalmer would also be a good choice for you in this amazing winter.

The Diwali of Benaras can also be a great choice for you at this time.


December 2020 Long Weekends

It’s the time for big festivals of Santa Claus, cakes, Christmas trees and lights around.

25th December- Christmas day

26th – 27th December– weekend

31st December, Monday– manage a leave.

1st January, Tuesday–  New year day.

The ideal holiday idea should be the Goa Christmas festival. You can also have an outstanding beach fun in Kerala or Daman Diu.

Goa Carnival


So a number of long weekends are waiting for you in 2020 and This is the best time to plan your holidays for 2020. Have a blast of enjoyment in the upcoming holidays.


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