Tajpur: Know Everything and Find Best Places to Stay

Why is suddenly a lot of people talking about Tajpur?

“At sea, I learned how little a person needs, not how much.”

This quote by the famous American sailor, Robin Lee Graham perfectly describes how the sea can help us find the important things in life. Furthermore, it helps us to take a break from the humdrum of routine life and the crowds that suffocate our thought and creative side. There are several famous sea beaches in West Bengal, but with fame comes the crowd. The sellers and shops cramp natural marine beauty in places like Digha or Mandarmani. Therefore, if you prefer to relax and rejuvenate your tired soul, Tajpur is the perfect place for this need. It is a well-connected but relatively less explored beach in the East Medinipur district, not very far from Digha even.

Tajpur Sea Beach

Knowing Tajpur in Details

The serene beach in this place lies across a stretch of bay water from Mandarmani, visible from here. Bereft of the cacophony and chaos, the place is unspoilt and free from the pollution common in the nearby beaches. The road that takes you to this place passes through marshy land, large fishing lakes or “Bheris” on one side and the sandbanks by the sea on the other side. The patches of forest comprise dense tamarisk and other species of trees which is another major attraction to this place. The coconut-tree clad beach is a favourite habitat of sea-gulls who spread their wings to the wind at the break of dawn.

The properties here are small but full of all the necessary amenities and luxuries. Thus, if you wish to avoid the rush of the mass and enjoy tranquillity with the song of the sea, Tajpur is the perfect place for you to take the much-needed weekend trip.

Tajpur Location

From the map given here, you can see the nearby beaches and the position of Tajpur. As it is tucked in a secluded position, it is free from the crowd but not from the beauty of the sea.

Tajpur Beach:

The beach in Tajpur is famous as one of the virgin beaches near Kolkata. It is a yellow-sand beach, which is not affected by the pollution that comes with a heavy tourist rush. Tajpur beach is well-known for its red crab population. Even in the daytime and late afternoon, you can see thousands of red crabs coming out of their hidey-hole and running across the sandy beach. It looks like a red curtain is moving across the beach, leaving an intrinsic design created by the tiny feet, soon to be erased by the constant sea-waves.

Sea Beach Tajpur

When you are not taking a dip in the sea, simply sit on the beach in a chair and enjoy the marvel of Mother Nature, along with the magnificent sunrise. You can enjoy beach games and bathe in the sea with friends and family without any interruption on this secluded beach.

Tajpur Beach food

Moreover, when you are tired from all the running around and famished, you can enjoy the scrumptious beach food. There are a number of small shops and shacks on the beach who provide delicious and fresh seafood dishes, generally made from the early morning fishing. You have to pay in advance and select the dishes though, as they do not store the food.

Fishing Boat on Tajpur Sea Beach

Relax on the beach in noon or the late afternoon with a chilled can of beer in your hand, which is available in the small shops. However, this is a small place and upon heavy tourist arrival, the stocks tend to run out soon. So, it would be good if you can bring your own supply in an icebox. When the sun sets down, it creates a romantic ambience on the beach. Sit in the hammock or benches by the shacks on the beach and sip the hot tea with fries and snacks, coconut water or a can of beer in your hand. Under the star-studded sky, the long shadows of the trees come creeping on the beach, while you enjoy the endless crushing sea-waves and the amicable sea-breeze removes all the tension and worry from your mind and heart.

Tajpur Hotels: How We Choose the Best

The properties in Tajpur are not very huge or with five-star ranking. However, they are placed in great locations, close to nature. With all the modern amenities, the hotels and resorts selected by Nomadic Weekends are perfect to relax here. Most of the properties are couple-friendly and good to spend time with friends and families.

Our team has visited the place several times and from that experience, we have selected the best properties in here at different price ranges and in different locations, so, with us, you can find the perfect place to stay as it suits you. We have our own 16 pointer scale of scoring the hotels and resorts that covers a broad range of important amenities and facilities provided by the place. Here we bring you the top 5 only. These cover a wide range of budgets and facilities, but all of them are special for sure. So, you can travel with no worry with us and there will be no complaints too.

Tajpur 5 Best Hotel Options: 

There is a retreat on the sea-shore that provides an excellent view of the sea-beach and sunrise. You can rush to the beach anytime you wish or relax in the swimming pool inside the property when you are tired of the waves. Relax in the garden chairs placed in the well-curated garden while sipping a cup of tea, enjoy the great food and stay for the night in the air-conditioned rooms and cottages. If you crave for luxury, one of our resort properties is perfect for you.

The place is at a walking distance from the pristine beach by the Marine Drive road. The major features include air-conditioned rooms with personal balconies and infinity swimming pool with a sunken bar. The amazing culinary experience of the in-house restaurant makes the stay more memorable. You can also organise conferences, parties or, shoot films using the sea and the sun as the blue backdrop. Ecotourism is the major point of focus in another resort in Tajpur.

The beautifully secluded cottages with all modern amenities offer a perfect way to escape from the grinds of daily life. The vast greenery, water body and overall natural appeal is the major attraction of this place. Enjoy the beautiful gardens and lawns, varieties of flowers and a lake with boating facility within the resort. If you prefer a rustic sojourn by the sea, we can offer you that too.  Our village hut in Tajpur is surrounded by lots of free space and greenery. The premium rooms are located around the central lake, bordered by tamarisk trees. The fresh food offered here is delicious and makes it the perfect place to stay for the weekend.

Tajpur Village Hut

A fantastic stay near the lakes. Great food, great hospitality. Good for families and awesome for groups.

Tajpur Village Hut 

Tajpur Eco Resort

Great option for people who like more open space and a secluded stay in a stash of Luxury.

Tajpur Eco Resort

Purni Hotel Tajpur

Great facilities, good hospitality. Best budget hotel in Tajpur.

Purni Hotel Tajpur

Tajpur Sea View Retreat

Fun place, a lot of activity, Shiny new. Great Pool.

Tajpur Sea View Retreat

Tajpur Luxury Resort

For luxury seekers. Most luxurious resort Tajpur can offer.

Tajpur Luxury Resort


So, hopefully, you got everything that wanted to know about Tajpur.

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