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In the following article, we are going to discuss the eeriest tales, some scary mysteries, and ghostly folklore about the most haunted places of Kolkata.

There are many beautiful tourist places to visit in this city. But some places are famous for age-old haunted stories, attached to them, which still raises questions in people’s minds today. The stories which I am going to tell you today in the following blog will surely be going to give you goosebumps and chill your spine to hell.

We have no way to authenticate these spooky happenings in the city. But if you are truly brave enough to experience the reality of this spooky folklore then Kolkata welcomes you with its open arm.


Haunted Places in Kolkata; Which Are Been Documented About

Though Kolkata is named as the City of Joy and known for Howrah bridge. This city was recognized as the capital of the British era. History is intertwined within the old city and hence, there is no dearth of places that got infamous names of being haunted.

Here are few such haunted places in Kolkata that are widely documented on the internet and other media forms. One can find those documentations all over the internet with a little bit help from Google


# 1 National Library

This is one of the best haunted places in Kolkata. Kolkata was the capital of British India, once upon a time. In this period, it was used as the house of the then British Governor-General.

Lots of eerie stories are there about the ghost appearance of Lady Metcalfe, the Governor’s wife. She was a freak about the cleanliness of everything.



Why Haunted?

Students and staff, studying till late night, say scary stories of her fade shadow in the wall and the sound of her footsteps. It’s a nightmare too for the students who come here for preparing their study materials and spend a long time till late in the evening.

In 2010 at the time of restoration of the building ASI has found a doorless secret room on the ground floor of this house. People believe that this is nothing but the former secret chamber of the British period.

So come here to explore the truth of these spooky stories by yourself, of course with a brave heart.


# 2 The Royal Calcutta Turf Club

Royal Calcutta Turf Club or better known as Racecourse has some spooky folklores about the ghost appearance of a snow-white horse in the foggy moonlit night. It’s scaring to experience this scary vision in the late evening of moonlit Saturday night, which will chill your blood to hell.

Once George Williams, a complete race freak, used to live at this place. He was passionate about winning the bet with his most beloved snow-white horse named Pride. Pride was the champion of all tracks. With time she grew old and one day she lost one darby. The next day people found her dead on the race track itself.


royal calcutta turf club


Why Haunted?

According to the staff and passers-by, the spooky shadow of this bereaved soul still runs through the tracks on the moonlit Saturday night. The perfect color contrast of the night makes the most horrific scene, scaring the hell out of the witnesses. Staffs recognize the strange foggy patches in the night as “William Saheb ki Sada Ghora”.

It is certainly a haunted place in Kolkata that you should avoid. If you are much curious about the bone-chilling scene, you can spend some time here exploring the truth.


# 3 Bhoot Bangla or Hastings house

This place is currently used as the Women’s College of Calcutta University. Students of this college claim that they have sighted a man riding a horse to visit the place.

This place has a lot more scary stories to share. If you are not a faint-hearted one you can visit the place to quench your thirst for adventure.

Why Haunted?

Rumour in this place is like that, people have heard the footsteps of a person, supposedly Warren Hastings. Local people believe that he comes to the place in search of his folder, containing some old papers. As he was impeached in London, people believe that those old papers in that file could save him there.


Hastings' House


There is another blood-chilling story about this place. Locals say that a few years ago a young boy injured badly and eventually lost his life in the ground while he was playing football. So rumor says that his spirit also haunts this place.

It is a strange coincidence here that the students suffer from terrible injuries when they play football on that ground. So, you should take care of not having a football with you when you are planning to visit this scaring ‘Bhoot Bangla’.

You should avoid this place for adventure only purposes. In spite of that if you’re curious enough then you should come here with of course a brave heart.


# 4 Lower Circular Road Cemetery

This is a spooky, blood-chilling haunted place in Kolkata. The name ‘cemetery’ is enough to give you goosebumps at night. In spite of that, if it has a scary story behind, then it will surely not be funny enough to have an adventure their. Lower Circular Road Cemetery is such a haunted place that witnessed a lot of paranormal activities.


Lower circular road cemetery


Why Haunted?

Folklore says the story of a Civil Servant in the British Era, Sir William Hay MacNaghten. He was killed brutally during the First Anglo-Afghan War. When his wife went to Afghanistan to get his body, she found the body ripped apart and she assembled the leftover parts of his body. After returning to Kolkata she buried it in the Lower Circular Road Cemetery.

Local people say the scary story of a shivering tree above the grave if someone narrates this brutal history near his grave.


# 5 Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station

This metro station in South Kolkata is one of the busiest metro stations in Kolkata. This is quite unlikely to be a haunted place in Kolkata. It got infamous as a haunted place mostly because of the scary late-night tales.

Why Haunted?

People noticed the shadows on the platform pillars and peculiar hues passing the tracks. These stories and views are very common here. Last metro compartments from this platform also witness a lot of spooky movements here.

Rabindra sarobar metro station


People believe that the wandering souls of the dead people who committed suicide here can be seen at late hours in the night. Also, Incidentally, this station remained the sight for many suicidal cases of the Kolkata Metro railway.

So why not you spend some time here and explore the reality of these spooky stories and happenings. Before that, you should make sure that you are not at all a faint-hearted one.


# 6 Kolkata Dock

Kolkata Dock or Khidirpore Dock is an age-old dock of Kolkata and locals believe that it’s a haunted place of the City of Joy.

Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Awadh, who was a trader in the time of East India Company, established this Dock.

Kolkata dock is a very scary place amongst the local people and staff. According to history Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was betrayed and dumped by the British in the trading time with East India Company.


kolkata dock


Why Haunted?

Traders and sailors have reportedly noticed a roaming shadow in this dock area. Staffs believe that patchy shadow is of the bereaved soul of the Nawab. He is desperately looking for the Britishers who ditched him. Also, they add that the Nawab wants to take revenge for his betrayal to the British people.

Sadly as British rule is over now there is no British available to peace out his desperate soul. Only dock staffs are there to be the victims of this spooky occurrences and eventually has to chill their blood!


# 7Ghats of The Ganges

People of Kolkata worship the Mighty river Ganges as the divine one. But it has, of course, witnessed a lot of spooky happenings in her lap.

There is a ghat under the Howrah Bridge, near the Mullick Ghat flower market, which has a lot of eerie stories of paranormal activities. This is one of the most haunted ghats of Kolkata riverbank area and people dare to spend much time here.

The morning walkers, wrestlers, and other passers-by people, who come and practice at this place on a daily basis, claim to see the flailing hands in the river.



Why Haunted?

It’s so frightening that they can’t say it surely, whether those hands are of alive human beings or of some spirits. These people believe that the souls of the people who lost their lives either by committing suicide or drowned in the river, maybe playing tricks with them.

Some people say that they have seen a lady in white saree, sobbing and calling their name in a nasal tone. This incident was scary enough to traumatize them. These people recall the situation when they thought they won’t be alive.

Here the situation is like if you try to save the apparitions, you might end up losing your own life in the lap of Ganges.

These spooky, blood-chilling events and folklores made the place scary enough to explore. Though if you want to know the truth, you can visit the place with a strong and brave heart.


# 8 Nimtala Burning Ghat

This ghat is one of the oldest burning ghats in Kolkata, used by Hindus to burn the corpses after death. This became a scary place mostly due to the uncanny appearance of a lot of Aghoris.

As people misunderstand Aghori activities and get frightened very easily so this place became a haunted one. Mainly at the Kali Puja night, Aghoris perform their skeptic rites and rituals to awaken and invoke their reigning Devi, named Shamshaan Kali.



Why Haunted?

According to the locals believe, the name should not be said out loud. Aghori is the strangest category of priests who feed on the leftover flesh of the burnt bodies.

They are so different from the social people, that people sometimes feel unhealthy to even stay around them. These people use those rituals to invoke and generate the occult powers in themselves.


# 9 Writer’s Building At BBD Bag

The current Secretariat of West Bengal, the Writer’s Building is one of the scariest places in Kolkata.

Writer’s Building was used as the office of clerks and junior staff in the period of the British raj. Lots of huge halls are kept vacant here which makes the place scarier. People generally refuse to work here late in the evening. The lift sometimes run by itself here in the night.



Why Haunted?

Nightguard and the owners of food centers besides the building reported about the scary cry of persons inside the man less building at night. Also late in the night a roaring voice of someone can be heard from the closed doors of this haunted building.

You can explore the reality of this place by having some interviews with the local people and staff. Please don’t dare to stay there at night to explore the truth.


# 10 House Of Dolls

House of dolls or Putul bari, is a century-old house. Though some people stay here on the ground floor, the upper stairs are kept vacant and locked for its scary happenings in the night time.



Why Haunted?

In the ancient time and British era, this house witnessed a lot of violence and torture on the innocent girls who were abducted, raped and killed by the cruel ‘Babus and landlords of Bengal. It is believed that those bereaved souls roam here and there in this house for justice.

Folklore says about the spooky, bone-chilling stories of a crying woman on the second floor of the building. Footsteps and sound of ornaments and bangles of unseen people also make the place the scariest one.


# 11 Wipro Office Salt Lake Sector 5

This is again one of the very unlikely haunted places in Kolkata.

Newly-built haunted house in the city of joy is the Wipro Office, in Salt Lake. Young people rather than the older ones narrate the scary stories of this haunted building. Though now salt lake became the IT hub, once it was a part of the wetlands of Kolkata.

According to the rumors, this office has been built over a graveyard. The workers and residents of this place claim about witnessing a lot of spooky visions in the darkest hours during the night.



Why Haunted?

The third floor of tower 3 remains locked almost all the time. No one is allowed to roam over there in the corridor unnecessarily.

Night shift workers complained about hearing and seeing scary happenings and things at night when they step outside or use the lift. These spooky things made this great IT office building a haunted one in the city.


# 12 South Park Street Cemetery

Some spooky events have taken place at this place, which made the place a haunted one like the lower circular road cemetery.

Why Haunted?

Rumors say that a group of young friends visited this place with a great enthusiast. They also have done some photography there. Though they were healthy enough before reaching the place, all of them suddenly fell I’ll. Also one of them got an asthma attack too, which make them feel frightened about this cemetery.



This place is the oldest one among all the burial grounds in Kolkata, built-in 1767.

Being spookiest one among all other cemeteries in Kolkata, people report a lot of Paranormal activities in this place. Those include shadows moving, cameras dysfunction or capturing eerie images and health deteriorating, etc. Local people staying nearby, they feel something unearthly about this place. They keep their windows shut all the time.


Some Undocumented Haunted Places in Kolkata

The city of joy, Kolkata hides a lot of dark secrets and mysteries in its every wall, streets, and corridors. Not only the above places but there are a lot more haunted places in Kolkata that are not so widely documented about.  The names include the big building of the

13. General Post Office (GPO)

14. The National Museum,

15. Clive House

and many other ancient houses and buildings established mainly in the British era.

Local people and passers-by have reported a lot of paranormal activities in these old historical buildings. We don’t have any investigated proofs of the truth behind these stories.

Better we can suggest you explore these places personally and reveal the truth yourself if you are interested and off course, not a faint-hearted one. To know more about the stories of these undocumented haunted places in Kolkata you got to talk to the nearby shop keepers. Preferably those street-side shops, where the shopkeepers sleep at that place only at night.


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